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Making The Most Of The Space You Have

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We hope these tips and ideas can help you make the space you have look as big as the space you want.

1. Make sure your furniture fits your space. Don’t try to overcrowd it with large items.

2. Furniture with existing additional storage (like ottomans with storage inside, or a bed frame with drawers built in) can be a huge help.

3. Mirrors can make areas look much larger than real life.

4. A stackable washer and dryer can cut your laundry space in half.

5. White paint and large windows can give the illusion that rooms have more space than they really do.

6. Don’t hang on to items you don’t use. If it isn’t a necessity, consider letting it go.

7. Focusing on your outdoor entertaining areas can help when entertaining. Nobody notices your small place when the party continues on the outside.


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