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A Before-Listing To-Do List

  1. Copy and paste the content of this blog to your own website, blog, Facebook, or Instagram. Make any changes you like!

  2. Choose between a square picture (best for sites like Instagram) or a full header (may look better on a blogging site) to showcase the title of the blog, reinforce your name, and catch the reader's eye.

  3. Click on the pictures to customize them with your own name, or to download an unbranded version that can be used immediately.



The time has come and you are planning to sell your house. How exciting! There are a mix of emotions, from the excitement about the upcoming move, to the sadness of leaving your house behind. With so many thoughts swirling around, it may be easy to overlook some of the last minute tasks that every seller should consider. Don't sell your home short; simple fixes can help you net the highest offer!